Location: Bengal

Placed: Space Advisory Private Limited

Madhabi was born with a medical condition- which resulted in disproportionately short stature with short arms and legs. Be at school or sports, Madhabi had to face denials due to her physical appearance since childhood. Growing up with this stigma, she was looked down by many of her own family and friends.

After finishing school, she started looking for jobs to support her mother, being the only child. Questioned and rejected by many employers due to her physical deformity, Madhabi strived to get a decent job. Being strong willed, she did not let her physical barriers come in the way of her goal to work in the mainstream. Madhabi enrolled for Anudip’s Specially-Abled-Vocational-Education (SAVE) program which was offering employability training to differently-abled youth.

The training was free of cost and focused on English communication, new-age computer skills, and personality development. During the training, Madhabi became more confident and worked on her soft skills which reflected in her personality. On completion of her course, she got her first job as a Telemarketing Executive at Space Advisory Private Limited. Today she earns INR 8,500 monthly and one of the major contributors in her family. “Thank You Anudip for holding hands and believing in my abilities.” She recalls and affirms.