Ranjana Nahak, 24

Location: Odisha

Placed: Accenture

WHAT HAPPENED: 14 years back, a tumor operation on her spinal cord, changed everything for Ranjana Nahak from Odisha. Since then her only constant was her wheel-chair. Fighting with acute depression post this incident, young Ranjana did not give up on life’s twist. 

WHAT SHE DID: Ranjana took part in para-sports, becoming a wheelchair marathon runner cum basketball player. That was not her STOP. A year later in 2021, she won the Miss Ability Pageant and became Odisha’s first wheelchair model. This was again not her STOP. 

HOW IS SHE NOW: Took up the IT and Communication Training under the SPECIALLY-ABLED-VOCATIONAL-EDUCATION program. 6 months later, Ranjana bagged a job at ACCENTURE as a content moderator. Today she earns 3.5 lakh CTC and lives an independent and meaningful life. Even today, nothing can STOP her. “ I never gave up even if every-one around me wanted me to. In this journey, I thank my faculty for not giving up on me.” marks Ranjana