Making my wheelchair my only constant

Nitin Kumar Kashyap, 29 years

Location: Lucknow

Placed: Accenture

Dependency is a burden” claims Nitin “being labelled as physically impaired” and always being accompanied by family, due to his less mobility. Nitin Kumar Kashyap from Lucknow completed his post-graduation and wanted an employment “on my own merit.” “Here people around me will make me think about how disabled I am” even if Nitin overlooks his physical barriers. This is when “livelihood development team of ANUDIP’s diversity and inclusion cell urged him to undergo an employability training.” He took it up without a thought.

Learning IT, English Communication and digital training with others who faced the same challenges” helped him understand how many others like faced a similar crunch. In tandem with the hard skills, what ANUDIP focused on was, “my ability to gather the courage to face people without any self-doubt”, notes the aspirant.

 Nitin’s transformation was first visible, when he stopped asking his family to accompany him, “making my wheelchair my only constant.” On the last day of the training, Nitin obliged to his faculty-turned-mentors at ANUDIP D&I cell whom he attributed “to make the cog of my wheel move ahead.” The once timid Nitin today is working at Accenture as a Content Moderator.

 The first investment from my salary was to buy medical insurances for my parents” marks the proud son. “There were many who told my parents that I am a burden” recalls Nitin, “but today I am happy to make their mind shift.”