Leading a life of dignity, not disability

Pawan Kumar, 25 years

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Placed: Accenture

Spurred in part by denials, and unacceptability Pawan Kumar Divedi from Uttar Pradesh has a different take on life. “Nothing can leave me ashamed, offended, and intimidated”  Pawan proudly claims while narrating how people tagged him as, “handicapped and even denied a regular school, college and even a job.” 

With polio affecting one of his leg since he was two and half, Pawan never let himself be subjected to the stigma of being disabled. “Even after many level of disapprovals, I still continued and completed my masters” marks the 25 year-old. Simply gathering degrees, “just to demonstrate my capacities was never my aspiration” he says. Next on completing his vocational IT-led training from ANUDIP’s Diversity and Inclusion cell, “I was employed at one of the reputed MNCs as a Content Moderator” reveals the ACCENTURE employee. 

Today Pawan Divedi’s life is not just about doing his MNC job of high repute. He contributes 50% of his income to an association for specially-abled persons “ensuring that the money goes into their education and employment.” For Pawan, happiness is to “see how others like him is leading a life of dignity, not disability”.