I never did anything differently

Indu, 22 years

Location: Telangana

Placed: HSBC

Daughter of a sales-worker in Mithaiwala, a sweet shop in Telanagana, Indu lived in a predominantly sighted world with peers, friends and family keen to tell her “ what she could not do.” Since birth, Indu suffered from an eye-disorder, which made one of her eyes go vision-less. “Completing regular school and college with other peers made me feel how different I am 

Indu enrolled for a three-month advanced smart-employability training from Telangana alongside her sighted peers. “My objective was to learn and be as competent as my other class-mates were. 

Indu was one of among top 5 students to be shortlisted in HSBC in her class. “I am employed at HSBC as an AML analyst, which is one of the important functions analyzing and monitoring financial activities.