Ramya, 34 years

Location: Karnataka

Meet Ramya, the unstoppable force from a tiny village in rural Karnataka! Despite facing the challenges of a locomotor disability and navigating rugged terrain in a wheelchair, she crawled through narrow doors and overcame every obstacle in her cramped 2-room hut.

Financial struggles made essentials like a wheelchair, catheters, and medicines a constant battle. Government benefits were elusive despite having a disability certificate, and bureaucratic hurdles left her mother frustrated. Yet, in the face of systemic discrimination, Ramya’s mother instilled resilience in her, urging her to focus on studies rather than societal opinions.

Ramya defied the odds, completing her Masters Degree, but job opportunities were scarce. Enter ANUDIP – the beacon of hope. Their English Communication and IT skills training became her lifeline. Customized materials and assistive technologies empowered her to learn at her own pace. Connecting with fellow trainees became a source of inspiration.

In just three months, the program transformed Ramya’s life. Proficient in MS Office, email, and essential office tools, she became a tech-savvy professional ready for administrative roles. “The practical assignments honed my skills in drafting professional documents, creating presentations, and managing data.” Yet, the most remarkable transformation was in her English communication skills, paving the way for success in interviews.

Now, employed as an Associate at IndiaMart, a leading e-commerce company, Ramya efficiently navigates various systems with her tech prowess. Her team embraces accessibility, providing financial stability and immense pride. Her first salary contribution to household expenses brought joy to her mother.

From early struggles, Ramya has earned respect as a working professional. Her sights are set on higher studies in assistive technologies, aspiring to empower other disabled youth. “For me, my job is just the beginning, and with the right opportunities, I believe anything is possible.”