How does it feel when you are told that I can never walk again?

Sonali Das, 28 years

Location: Birbhum

Placed: Cognizant

Being paralyzed waist down, 28-year-old Sonali Das remained bed-ridden for an entire year while also realizing that her family already was in deep-neck debt due to her treatment. Renewing her academics, “seated in a wheel-chair never troubled me but encouraged others”, marked Sonali on completion of her Master’s degree.
Reality check happened, “when I was made to feel disabled at the interview I sat for” recalls the dissatisfied job-aspirant. Three months of search struggle followed by a call changed the way we thought. “I was hearing the word called Inclusion – first time in life”, claims Sonali when she got introduced to Anudip Association For Diversity And Inclusion – AADI Centre in her home-town at Birbhum.
A training in Digital and IT Literacy was next in her cards. Following was Sonali’s work-place readiness practice and final assessment. “My big day came when AADI’’s placement cell sent me for an interview at BYJU’S, a reputed ed-tech company” notes the excited aspirant who faced adverse consequences in job-interviews prior to ANUDIP.
“For the first time in life, I got selected on the first go” boasts the young girl who took the bold move to migrate to Hyderabad for her job, keeping aside the taboos of being “disabled”. After a year of work experience at BYJU’S, she gets her second offer letter from the tech giant Cognizant as a Voice-Process Associate.
“Surviving a fatal car accident at twenty five taught me facets of life, from being paralyzed to being wheelchair-bound, to being one of the tech giant employees”, claims Sonali,
“my journey is indeed an epitome of real inclusion.”