From Battleground to Breakthrough

Ajit, 32 years

Location: Jalpaiguri

School was not a sanctuary of learning but a battleground where I had to fiercely defend my right to an education. Many of my classmates were merciless, taunting me for my disability, and their cruel laughter reverberated through the hallways. Loneliness often became my constant companion,” reflects Ajit, who was born with a partial hearing disability in the town of Jalpaiguri.

However, Ajit’s challenges extended beyond the classroom. Understanding the lessons proved to be an uphill battle, and his teachers grew frustrated with his struggles, struggling to grasp the depth of his hearing disability.

Determined to carve out a brighter future for himself, Ajit enrolled in Anudip’s Specially-Abled-Vocational Education (SAVE) center in Jalpaiguri. He shares, “The personality development sessions greatly enhanced my communication skills. I learned how to stand out from the crowd. The course modules, including Workplace IT, Workplace Readiness, and Communicative English, equipped me with the skills necessary for the job market.”

Ajit’s journey was far from easy. His partial hearing disability presented a formidable challenge, especially in learning English and IT. Nevertheless, he remained resolute, fueled by the constant support and encouragement from Anudip. He persevered through difficulties that others couldn’t fully comprehend.

Finally, the moment he had tirelessly worked towards arrived. Ajit proudly secured a position as a Marketing Executive at Hindustan Unilever. It was a dream come true, a testament to his tenacity and the invaluable support he received from Anudip.

With tears of gratitude welling up in his eyes, he confides, “Anudip wasn’t just an organization; it was my partner in breaking free from the limitations society had imposed on me. The hardships I faced, the taunts, and doubts that once plagued me – they all became stepping stones on my path to success.”