Asunta Toppo,

Location: Jharkhand

Placed: Vibrant Infocom

Challenges she faced:

  • Affected by polio since the age of two
  • Denied admission in regular school
  • Family being hesitant to take up responsibility.

Asunta Toppo belonged to the tribal family in rural Jharkhand. Being rejected since childhood at school and later by her family members, she knew she has to stand up for own-self. “Rejections came to me from an early stage of life. I was perceived as a burden everywhere.”

It was then Asunta decided to take up an employability training despite odds. Her tenacity and grit helped her gain a course in English Communication and IT. Post her training, Asunta got a job in Vibrant Infocom with a salary of INR 12,000 per month and is now financially stable. “Today my career is an answer to everything. My courage and ANUDIP has been my only companion”, marks Asunta