Adil Ahmad Sheikh

Location: Jammu & Kashmir

“My parents questioned if I could lead a normal life,” reflects Adil. Hailing from the outskirts of Ganderbal, Jammu & Kashmir, Adil Ahmad Sheikh faced a severe orthopedic disability affecting 75% of his body movements. Undeterred, he refused to let his disability dictate his path. From an early age, Adil aimed for independence, determined to financially support his retired father, homemaker mother, and younger brother.

After completing his diploma, Adil encountered challenges finding opportunities due to his disability. “Job interviews brought rejections, where people saw my disability first, not my abilities,” he shares.

In his search, Adil discovered Anudip, known for providing skills training and job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. “Learning about their work convinced me that this was the path for me,” says Adil.

Enrolling in Anudip’s English Communication and IT course, Adil immersed himself in acquiring new skills. The intensive course covered programming languages, database management, and web development. It also honed his communication and interpersonal skills, boosting confidence for job applications and interviews.

Despite facing challenges, Adil praises the faculty and staff at Anudip for their constant motivation. Their encouragement helped me complete the demanding course successfully,” he reveals.

Armed with knowledge from Anudip, Adil felt well-prepared to enter the job market. “The world-class learning provided industry-relevant skills, making me a competitive candidate,” he asserts.

Recommended for a Customer Support role at Indigo Airlines, Adil’s technical prowess impressed in the interview. “The course had trained me thoroughly, enabling me to answer all their questions. I was selected immediately,” says Adil proudly.

Adil expresses gratitude, stating, “Anudip’s online course sessions empowered me professionally. The high-quality training equipped me with industry-ready skills and prepared me for a successful career. I will forever be thankful for my transformative skills learned at Anudip.”