A Work Place Where Each Of Us Feel Like We Belong

Jai Kumar, 26 Years

Placed: Accenture

Born with a disease that progressively weakens his legs, Jai is “75% disabled since childhood” marks the 26 year-old. Never reliant on his family for most routine tasks, Jai struggled mainly with education, tutorials and “burdened-looks of everyone around when I asked for favors.” 

Being the eldest sibling in a family where resources were lacking, Jai often wondered “Which way would one focus at? Money to run the family or money to be self-independent being differently-abled.”  Completing his graduation, he witnessed the pandemic, which according to Jai, “made the world disabled”.  

The plight of food-insecurity, employability and disability together”   hit his composure. Seeking help from NGOs who were were frontline volunteers led him to “an employment training in IT and communication initiated by ANUDIP’s diversity and inclusion cell.”  

Life was always a challenge for Jai. It still is. “But the challenges have changed, marks the young aspirant who is now a Content Moderator at ACCENTURE. Sympathy is what everyone has shown him making Jai feel “more excluded.” 

This is the first time “I am feeling no-different”. Jai credits ANUDIP’s Diversity and Inclusion Cell for enabling him to be a part of “Accenture which creates a work place where each of us feel like we belong here.”