A Path Paved for Others

Sonaton Biswas, 32

Location: West Bengal

Sonaton Biswas, a resilient 34-year-old from the quaint town of Malda in West Bengal, stood at a crossroads, his life’s path obscured by the shadows of adversity. Hindered by a locomotor disability and his family’s modest income from farming and homemaking, Sonaton recognised the urgent need to chart a new course towards a brighter future.

With a humble yet hopeful heart, Sonaton embarked on a transformative odyssey, armed only with a graduate degree and a hunger for change. “My journey began with Anudip Foundation’s ‘English Communication and IT’ course, a beacon of opportunity supported by Accenture.”

Signing up for the upskilling program started Sonaton’s big journey of learning and personal growth. Even though money was tight and he worried about not finding a job, Sonaton stayed determined to make a better life for himself and his family.

As the course peaked, Sonaton came out of it well-prepared to easily handle digital tasks. His new abilities opened doors to many opportunities, and he landed a job as an Advisor at Raddinas Infotech.

With Sonaton earning a annual income of INR 1.2 lakhs, his family felt more secure financially. He became the main support, bringing hope and stability to their lives.

“Through the ups and downs, my resilience shone brightly, fueled by the unwavering support of my loved ones and the guiding hand of Anudip Foundation and Accenture.” he said.

But Sonaton’s journey was far from over. His newfound stability spurred him to dream even bigger. He wanted to give back to his community and uplift others like him who face barriers to professional success.

Drawing upon his own experiences, Sonaton became an advocate for disability rights, speaking at local events and engaging with policymakers to promote inclusivity and accessibility in education and employment.

From the shadows of adversity, he emerged stronger and more determined than ever, lighting the way for others to follow in his footsteps towards a brighter, more inclusive future.